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08 December 2015 14:54

I like a new beginning.


For some months now, tucked away in my freelance garret, I've been increasingly aware of a certain haphazardness in my approach to my work; a 'make it up as you go along' mentality, which at times, when the work has flowed in, has been tremendously uplifting and exciting. I've eagerly grasped this, that and the other job - not all in the writing/editorial field, I also do a bit of acting on the side - thinking joyously, 'Ha ha! This will help to see me through the lean times!' And whilst that's been true to an extent, in the end and over years, it has left me not only slightly frazzled, but also less and less clear of my role as a freelancer, and (if I'm honest) a bit soul-destroyed.


So, it was time for a rethink. A revamp (a word I do rather like). I've listened to the voice in my head that's been nagging for I don't know how long, 'You need to streamline. You need to focus.' I've taken notice of the pressure build-up inside my brain - whilst fairly adept at leaping from task to task to task, it is, after all, only human - and I've thought to myself, 'Enough is enough.' I know the business I want to build. I've been working in it for the last ten years or more, writing, proofreading and copy editing with gusto. I know I want to nurture it. Cosset it. Be more creative with it. I just need to let some stuff go so that I can reclaim time to zoom in and do it properly.


This has led to a much needed head declutter (another word I really like). And do you know what? I feel so much better. In fact, if you're feeling swamped, over-burdened and as if your entrepreneurial fire is down to its final embers, I can thoroughly recommend it.  


Step one of my revamp/declutter was to read a brilliant book: Marketing Your Editing & Proofreading Business by Louise Harnby. It really helped to clear my head. It gave me a framework for my editorial business, a direction, goals to strive for and, most importantly, the inspiration to take a fresh look at the services I provide and repackage them into something attractive, appealing and all-round essential to prospective clients, be they publishers, self-publishers or businesses.


It's also resulted in this - a brand new blog for a brand new website. Informal, newsy, with the odd bit of grammar nitty gritty, hints, tips and thoughts aired, and perhaps even a guest post here and there, if I can entice other editorial and writing-type bloggers to help me brighten the space. And I very much look forward to connecting with the people I hope will visit it.


Oh yes, and now for the best part. I feel excited again! I feel like a business owner. A proper business owner, working to provide a friendly and professional service to those looking for something - well - professional and friendly.


So, it's all good.


As I say, I like a new beginning. Why wait for New Year to make a fresh start? Welcome, all. I hope you'll join me on my new business adventure.