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Books for 3- to 6-Year-Olds


Exciting, colourful and innovative, Pens is a range of daily devotional books for parents, carers and teachers to share with children aged 3-6 years old. The Pens characters, Philippa Feltpen, Charlotte Chalk, Denzil the Pencil, Waxy Max, Gloria Glitter-pen, Marco Marker, Sharpy the dog, Squiggle and Splodge (and a few more besides!) all help bring the Bible to life with stories, thoughts and prayers. Four of the 'specials', Starting School, Christmas, Easter and Pumpkin Party are also available from CWR as a collection of short animations on DVD.

Published by CWR. Click here to purchase the books.


The Christmas Star’s Big Shine

Little Star is on a mission. It’s up to him to let everyone know that God’s baby Son has arrived on earth, by shining as brightly as he can over the stable in Bethlehem where Jesus is about to be born. But where in the world is Bethlehem – and will he ever manage to find the stable in time?

Published by CWR. Click here to purchase the book.

What’s Christmas?

When Snow Bear hears that it’s nearly Christmas, she sets off to discover for herself what it’s all about. With the help of some well-meaning friends, she gradually pieces the story together but, in the end, it’s up to Old Polar to explain to Snow Bear the message at its heart.

Published by CWR. Click here to purchase the book.

The Camel Who Found Christmas

The littlest camel goes on a journey with the three tall camels to visit King Jesus. But he’s not happy. After all, he’s just small and brown and ordinary. Why would a king want to meet him? When they finally arrive, he’s even more confused. Where’s the palace? Where are the grand visitors? More to the point – where’s the king?

Published by CWR. Click here to purchase the book.

The Perfect Christmas Present

God has sent his only Son, Jesus, to be born as a special gift for the whole world, so Small decides it’s up to him to give the perfect present to God to say thank you. But everything Small finds just doesn’t seem big enough, and what he hasn’t realised is that actually, there’s only one thing God wants.

Published by CWR. Click here to purchase the book.

It's Christmas!

This compilation takes four of Alexa Tewkesbury’s previously published and much-loved children’s Christmas stories and brings them together in one volume. The books included are The Camel Who Found Christmas, The Christmas Star’s Big Shine, The Perfect Christmas Present and What’s Christmas?

Published by CWR. Click here to purchase the book.

It’s A Boy! Tenth Anniversary Edition

Winner of the UK Christian Book Awards (Children's Category) 2006

When three quails overhear an angel telling Mary she’s going to give birth to the Son of God, little do they realise that they’re about to be caught up in a breath-taking race against time to save this new baby from an evil King Herod, who wants Him dead. Animation also available on DVD.

Co-written with Steve Legg. Published by CWR. Click here to purchase the book.